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ספר חדש למיכאיל קרייני: "A Multicultural Entrapment"


In the nation state structure of Israel as a nation Jewish state there is a dominant constitutional force deeming the jurisdiction of the Palestinian-Arab minority religions a form of a multicultural "accommodation". This characterization is what differentiates Palestinian-Arab religion and state conflicts from Jewish religion and state conflicts. In light of this design, Palestinian-Arab religious jurisdiction gives rise to a unique, acute, undetected and heretofore unstudied individual predicament for its vulnerable minority members (women and children) who are subject to the patriarchal religious norms of their respective religions. The book takes a critical look at this reality re-characterizing it as "multicultural entrapment". Both the Israeli establishment and Palestinian-Arab political representatives are interested in maintaining Palestinian-Arab religious authority and seek multiculturalism as a justification in spite of the fact that this jurisdictional authority does not qualify as a multicultural accommodation. Admitting that this jurisdictional is an oppressive mechanism will bring more embarrassment to these institutions, the individual sacrifice of Palestinian-Arabs notwithstanding. This makes modernizing Palestinian-Arab religious family law particularly challenging, and the book offers a number of innovative reform mechanisms.

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